Tooth Sensitivity

Teeth Sensitivity

Why do I feel tooth sensitivity? Sensitives may be sharp a sudden discomfort or pain due to sudden temperature changes such as when you eat or drink cold, hot, sweet, etc.  Or it could be caused by a touch such as brushing, etc.  

Generally, the enamel is the protective layer that surround the underneath layer called dentin. Dentin contains thousands of tubules that connect and lead to pulp (which contains nerves, blood vessels, and other connective tissues).  Once the enamel layer becomes thinner or worn down, the tooth becomes hyper-sensitive. 

Followings are what can cause sensitivity

  • Brushing too hard causes enamel wear down. Use a soft brush and be gentle
  • Acids such as pop etc. can dissolve the enamel layer
  • Bruxism and crunching can cause tooth wear down
  • Gum recession
  • Periodontal disease
  • Cracked tooth
  • Plague buildup that causes gum recession and periodontal loss
  • Dental procedures

On the top portion of the tooth, which is called crown portion of the tooth are surrounded by enamel and the root portion of each tooth is covered by cementum.  Cementum is a less protective layer compared to the enamel layer and if there is a periodontal loss or gum recession, cementum layers are exposed causing more sensitivity.  The periodontal loss is irreversible process meaning, once you lose your bone around teeth it never comes back.  Therefore, it is important to have a good oral hygiene and regular cleaning by the dentist.

You can find more detail about regular cleaning on this link: []

Even dental procedures can cause more sensitivity.  It is normal to cause more sensitivity temporarily after a cleaning or filling.  Some cases, calculus is surrounding the teeth so it may cause temporary isolation causing less sensitivity but over time, they do cause bone loss and cause more sensitivity and more discomfort in long run.  Once a deep cleaning is done and once the calculus and plagues are removed, since the tooth becomes “naked” it may cause little more sensitivity after a cleaning.

It is normal to cause some discomfort and sensitivity after getting a filling done. 


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