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Do you want a white beautiful smile?

If you have the desire to have the whitest smile and considering to get teeth whitening, the Zoom Whitening System may be the ONLY option for you.  Zoom made by Philips is considered to be the most effective in-office whitening system available in the market.  From my past experience, I worked with many other brands but it appears to be that they have no effect on the shade at all, or if not very minimal.  Philips Zoom in-office whitening system markets to unlock a smile up to 8 shades whiter in just 45 minutes with no sensitivity. I am not so sure if this is true because it will depend on how much the teeth are stained to start with but certainly the Zoom is the only whitening system that works in my opinion.  However, it comes with a HIGHER price tag.  You can get the Zoom whitening as low as $25 dollar for a take-home kit or $150 for QuickPro at a dental office or $399 for the Zoom WhiteSpeed.  It is definitely worth to go with WhiteSpeed if you are considering to whitening your teeth at all.  When you call a dental office to schedule an appointment for a whitening, please ask them what kind of whitening system they use prior to making an appointment, otherwise, you may be wasting your money.

whitening before and after

Why choose Philips Zoom in-office whitening?

“When you choose in-office teeth whitening, stronger whitening ingredients are used to safely complete your treatment. The result? Instantly brighter teeth, with little to no sensitivity.”  This is what Philips is proposing.  However, it is very normal to have some degree of sensitivity or discomfort after the whitening.  Not everyone would be suitable for the whitening and it would be wise to consult the dentist.  For example, if your teeth are already very white and you somehow have an unrealistic expectation, you have been wasting your money.   Generally speaking, it works better if you have more stained teeth to start with.  Also, if you have severe bone loss and already having significant sensitivity, it may not be a good choice because it would be potentially causing more sensitivity after the whitening.  Likewise, it is best to consult the dentist prior to getting any whitening.

What are my in-office whitening options?

Philips whitening comes with either take-home kit or in-office bleach.  Take-home kit can be as low as $25 but it takes significant time and effort to have any dramatic change in the shade.   If you want the instant whitening effect on your teeth, in-office whitening would be your choice.

For, the in-office whitening system, Zoom comes with two different systems.  One is called QuickPro which is little weaker compare to the WhiteSpeed.  Zoom argues to have up to 4 shades change.  This one is one without a big standing light.  If you have gotten a Zoom whitening with the picture shown below, more likely yo have gotten the WhteSpeed.  When people get a whitening system, they have a big expectation and want to get as white as possible and I don’t see why people would go for the QuickPro.   The material cost for the QuickPro is significantly less compare to WhiteSpeed so some dental office may be offering a good price for Zoom whitening at a lower price but at the end, it may not be a good bargain for you.  Be careful of white kind of Zoom whitening you get at the dental office.

Option 1: Philips Zoom QuickPro
– In-office
– 30 minutes
– For a noticeably whiter smile up to 4 shades

Option 2: Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed
– in-office
– 45 minutes
– For those who want rapid results up to 8 shades

Below is the statement from the Philips site:

The new Philips Zoom QuickPro

If you want to touch-up to your smile (or kick-start the whitening process), QuickPro gives affordable, immediate results. The beauty with this is that you spend very little time in the dentist’s chair, and you can be on your way almost straight after our varnishes have been applied. You’ll get noticeable results, with a smile up to 4 shades brighter in only 30 minutes.

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed

When it comes to Philips Zoom, you’ll get the most dramatic results with WhiteSpeed. In 45 minutes, your teeth could be up to 8 shades whiter, reversing stains from food and drinks, aging, even discoloration from some types of medication.

Before you leave your dentist’s office, you’ll receive customized whitening trays and a take-home whitening kit, which is included in the price of your treatment. This way, you can top-up the brightness of your smile whenever you want to.


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